Invisible Vectors Tim Reed

Invisible Vectors is a musical view into the mind of a person affected by Attention Deficit Disorder. An ADD mind frequently drifts when trying to concentrate on one thing for any significant period of time. Mildly afflicted (or perhaps blessed) with ADD myself, my intent in this piece is to portray the gradual, often surreal, separation from, and the sudden (often disorienting) return to reality that is frequently experienced by individuals with this condition.
The piece consists of three sections, each representing a mental detour and a sudden return to reality. Each mental detour progressively builds in density and dynamic level (as if steadily moving farther from reality) until it is interrupted by an abrupt return to reality. There is a steady pulse throughout the piece, representing the steady passage of real time which the ADD mind moves (although oblivious to) in synch with.
The source material in this piece consists entirely of short phrases played by myself on harmonica.

  • Year of composition: 2005
  • Duration of the submitted work: 6:03
  • Production: University of Florida (FEMS)

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