Jocks: Halftime Intermission: T. Watkins David R. Mooney

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This work is the Halftime Intermission section of a large scale work called Jocks, derived from recordings made in 1971 with the composer’s brother, Mark Mooney, as we watched an American football game on TV. The work uses the varying degrees of intelligibility of the material to explore the nature of memory, perception, and the general silliness of the event. Artifacts of the cheap equipment, noisy recording environment, and 30 years of tape degradation--in short, all the stuff we normally work very hard to eliminate--figure prominently in the piece. With the TV off during halftime, our conversation drifts to the story of T. Watkins that our dad told us in childhood. We decide to call him and record him telling the story. Difficulties ensue.

  • Année: 2005
  • Durée de l’œuvre soumise: 8:02
  • Réalisation: Home

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