030307 Audio (Death Will Eat Us) David James Callanan, Martin John Callanan

A compilation of audio experiments recorded live in late 2002. Electronic syth units where rewired/hotwired while being played*. This process inevitably resulted in the irretrievable ‘death’** of the unit. These recordings chart the death process — each session becoming more awkward as the unit’s components decayed (and in one case, resulted in a small fire).

While this recording is a compilation of several experiments, the audio itself is unedited, and no effects being added, (except an odd, short, cross-fade to make it better listening). There is only ever one device playing at a time.

Originally released in early 2003 as a limited CDR, in and around Birmingham, UK.

* Played via the circuitry not the interface.
** Namely, the unit becomes useless after the process we subject it to.
*** We remain unaware of any ‘musical’ merit these experiments may or may not have.

  • Year of composition: 2002
  • Duration of the submitted work: 53:12
  • Production: University

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