seed comma axiom - 5 ten-io Patrick Valiquet

“seed comma axiom” sprang from an aborted remix project involving myself and Minnesota sound artist Carl Kruger. After collecting the remains of that project, I decided to continue the explore the original compositional principle, a sort of metamorphosis through reduction. In each piece the source material was first time-compressed to approximately one hundredth of its original length and then its spectral range was reduced by mis-using a basic FFT noise-reduction algorithm. The resulting samples were re-sequenced using a program written in PD. The first three pieces were developed using source material by Carl Kruger, the next two from a one-second sample of white noise, and the last from a sample of a french pop song. In order to obtain titles I followed an analogous strategy, running the original titles through an anagram generator and the Babelfish on-line translator at random until i had something suitably euphonous.

  • Year of composition: 2005
  • Duration of the submitted work: 3:34
  • Production: Home

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