Dropping Change Adam James Gabourie

Few objects in our daily lives have achieved the sustained longevity throughout successive civilizations and political establishments such as metallic currency. Although though the shape and production of these small valuables has undergone much refinement over the centuries the concept and basic form has remained consistent. The idea of physical change in currency as a vehicle to represent the advancement within civilization and culture and the resistance there of, is an analogy to the mindset of citizens caught in the midst of an ever progressive society with little to no control over the direction of development.

Realized within Logic; the piece consists of processed and re-synthesized sounds of Canadian one, two and quarter dollar coins being dropped, spun, and rolled across metal and glass surfaces. Utilizing programs written within in MaxMSP and Csound for the majority of the processing and an SM58 microphone for the initial recording, the piece is based upon the re-interpretation of these ancient sounds through the new medium of computerized sound.

  • Year of composition: 2006
  • Hardware used: SM58
  • Software used: MaxMSP, Csound, Logic
  • Duration of the submitted work: 7:57
  • Production: Home

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