My Cellphone Has Fallen In The Sink Harold Isaac

This piece was originally supposed to be an ElectroAcoustics Macaroni and Cheese Recipe with drones as the Cheese and the chopped up audio elements as the Macaroni. Nonetheless the real story was far less tasty. I was working on the initial project when my cellphone effectively fell in the sink (This is a romanticize version of the facts given my cellphone actually fell in the bowl! But it was clean! It was really clean!). If this anecdote might sound a bit funny to some, it was less of joke for me as this little device contained vital information that took me considerable amount of time to gather up. Now that my cellphone has dried up, that it is apparently working fine and that I am laughing at the whole “new-tech-dependency catstrophy” when thinking about the “unfortunate” event retrospectively I have renamed my piece after it. Thus “My cellphone has fallen into the sink” is depicting the fall and the consequent malfunctioning of the device after pulling it out of! the water. Enjoy!

  • Year of composition: 2006
  • Duration of the submitted work: 4:03
  • Production: KisKeya

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