Rituals Do Matter Carey Nutman

What do people mean by the word “ritual”? Some will think of religion — bells and gongs and monks droning. Perhaps weddings and funerals will come to mind. But there are many social and non-social activities that can become rituals: going to the pub every Friday evening, followed by fish and chips; having friends for dinner every Saturday evening; going to the bathroom every morning, (an electric razor can drone just like a monk); all rituals with associated sound environments. The bell rings and we’re off on a voyage of mystery through several of these possible soundworlds. Are we standing by a grave as the wind cuts through us? Why do the funeral cars race past without stopping? Are we accidentally evesdropping into a private dinner party? A man asks over and over, “what’s the matter?” It’s all part of the ritual.

Digitally edited and remastered during November and December 2003.

  • Year of composition: 1998
  • Hardware used: Pentium pc
  • Software used: CDP software (The Composers’ Desktop Project)
  • Duration of the submitted work: 11:12
  • Production: Home

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Also part of Pour une Française (MPS Music and Video - MPSCD008).

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