Saxophone Tapestry Carey Nutman

Only one sound source is used here. My pharmacist friend Dave Allenby is an accomplished saxophonist. I recorded him as he improvised for twenty minutes or so. Then began the long laborious work, turning each “sample” into an exciting “sound object”. Granular synthesis proved very useful for generating a larger timbral palette, at the same time introducing a repeating non-periodic spatial flux of the components. Of course, it is always tempting, in a work like this, to use only those sound objects which sound completely unreal. But I decided to allow many of the original riffs, some of which are quite playful, to come to the surface, just to remind the listener that the whole piece began with a man playing an acoustic instrument.

Many thanks to Dave Allenby (saxophone).

Digitally edited and remastered during November and December 2003.

  • Year of composition: 1997
  • Hardware used: Pentium pc
  • Software used: CDP software (The Composers’ Desktop Project)
  • Duration of the submitted work: 17:58
  • Production: Home

Linked project

Also part of Pour une Française (MPS Music and Video - MPSCD008).

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