Starship Majora: The Shape Shifter Dan Bernard, Michael Townsend

Exploring a mysterious planet, the crew of the Majora encounters a seductive entity able to take on the form of each of their deepest fantasies in this improvised radio comedy directed by Dan Bernard and produced by Michael Townsend for It Is To Laugh, WMPG, Portland, Maine. Note contains some strong language.

It Is To Laugh is a half-hour radio comedy series¬-heard weekly on WMPG in Portland, Maine, USA (90.9 FM, 104.1 FM and improvised plays such as The Starship Majora as well as scripted, politically-charged comedies written and directed by Dan Bernard. The series also offers an unpredictable mix of other radio comedy and soundart pieces selected and edited by producer Michael Townsend, whose trippy, anarchic collage “Dad’s New Slacks” aired on WMPG for 11 years.

  • Year of composition: 2005
  • Duration of the submitted work: 23:46
  • Production: WMPG, Home

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Also part of Deep Wireless 3 (New Adventures in Sound Art).