Early Morning Adam Stanović

Early Morning is derived from five piano performances recorded in a variety of spaces over a period of several years. These performances incorporated both traditional and extended instrumental techniques, generating a wide variety of gestural and textural materials. Although these materials informed the overall unity of the piece, sound transformations proved to negate the piano as a recognisable source. Instead, the focus is upon the gradual accumulation and dispersal of spectral detail; these broad contours enhance the spatial impression, suggesting the expansive shaping of physical landscapes. The structure of the piece was inspired by the peaceful awakening of an early morning scene and its illumination in first light.

First Prize in the International Competition of Acousmatic Composition “Metamorphoses” 2006, Category A

The source material was in a variety of different locations, both studio and environmental, using a range of different recording equipment. These recordings were transferred to a low-cost PC, an AMD Athlon 1.06GHz running Windows XP. Sound Forge and Wavelab were using to carry out the initial mixing and signal processing. The majority of the sound processing and transformations were carried out using Sound Loom, a graphic interface for the Composer‚s Desktop Project (CDP). The structural mixing and mastering was completed using Sound Forge and ProTools.

  • Year of composition: 2006
  • Hardware used: AMD Athlon 1.06GHz running Windows XP
  • Software used: Sound Forge, Wavelab, Sound Loom, Composer’s Desktop Project (CDP), ProTools
  • Duration of the submitted work: 10:36
  • Production: Home

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