Green Potato I Hsiao-Lan Wang

for tape alone

The shape of Taiwan, my homeland, is like a sweet potato except it is covered with greens. That was how the title “Green Sweet Potato” came to me. But I was not satisfied with it due to the wordiness. I decided to name this series of electroacoustic compositions as Green Potato even though the shape of Taiwan would have to fatten a little.

In Green Potato I, voice is the only sound source. Abrupt and sudden gestures, as well as stretched and sustained textures coexist through careful combination of these qualities.

Green Potato I has been programmed on Florida Electroacoustic Music Festival in 2002, and CEMI 40th Anniversary Concert Series in 2004.

  • Year of composition: 2001
  • Hardware used: Mac, Kurtzweil 2500
  • Software used: Sound Designer II, SoundMaker, Peak, Sample Cells, Studio Vision, ProTools
  • Duration of the submitted work: 6:00
  • Production: impact

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