June 2 06 #1 David Duchow

something more melodic — at first. This piece starts with a couple of mandolin loops, which I admired as soon as I heard them. Several other instruments enter and then come the Sanskrit Shehnai, the Tigris Shehnai and several Turkish morning oboes, by which time one has just about forgotten the mandolins. The piece is rounded out by several percussive instruments from various parts of the globe and a couple of Sitars. Part of my roots being by the Black Sea, I suspect this is where the keen interest in Turkish instruments comes from. Then again, on some “reads” they don’t even sound “Turkish” anymore, sounding almost more like geese, or an army of invading aliens at the “height” of the piece. And… then… briefly back to the mandolins at the end (they are actually there all along… they just get drowned out in the middle section).

  • Year of composition: 2006
  • Duration of the submitted work: 5:54
  • Production: Home

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