Bellevue Sebastiane Hegarty

Bellevue and Longwave formed the audio components of the installation Audrey Please Knock (2000): Bellevue entered the installation through two air vents in the walls of an empty room; Longwave entered through a number of radios in the space outside this room.
Within the installation the pieces were played as simultaneous and continuous loops: the loops, being of unequal length, generated a continually evolving soundscape.

Bellevue, is recomposed from recordings of my mother telling stories of her nights out to Bellevue, Manchester, as a teenager. Her voice is accompanied by a covert recording of her getting ready to go out sixty-two years later, at the age of 80.

SPECIAL FEATURES: Longwave is highly fragmented and includes: sudden moments of silence/noise; interrupted voice; electrical and radio interference; intermittent noise and glitch.

  • Year of composition: 2000
  • Hardware used: Mini-disc; Stereo Microphone; Dictaphones; Reel-to-reel tape; Audiocassette player
  • Software used: Sound-Edit 16
  • Duration of the submitted work: 12:52
  • Production: Home

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