Deadlock Dante Tanzi

Performed the first time on 1st December 1993 in Milan, this piece has been made to compare different types of sonorous texture, as well as to start exploring the different techniques in the emission of vocal sounds. In Deadlock, three different sound textures were derived from Additive, FM and Cellular Automata Syntheses. The LASy was developed by J. Chareiron at L.I.M., the Musical Informatics Laboratory of Milan University. J. Chareiron implemented s/w modules capable of running the LASy (Linear Automata Synthesis) on Macintosh with Sound Accelerator or Audiomedia cards. The LASy offered the advantage of polyphonic synthesis in real time without using any specific hardware, and allowed a wide range of variation in timbre. The LASy sound generation was made using different rules of transition, increasing or decreasing, simple or complex, and to some extent even unpredictable. Voice and vocal samples: A. Monizza.

  • Year of composition: 1995
  • Duration of the submitted work: 8:38
  • Production: LIM - Milan University

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