Songs of Place: Halifax Steve Heimbecker

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Songs of Place compositions use a combination of Heimbecker’s invented quadraphonic recording and production techniques which he has named “Acoustic Mapping Process” and “Dynamic Voltage Mapping”. All field recording sources are quadraphonic analogue. The matrix of field recording locations are selected based upon the cartographic design of the place recorded, while maintaining the cardinal directions within the microphone array. The first 4 Songs of Place productions implement 10 location recordings per piece, resulting in a production using about 120 tracks. Songs of Place Vienna 2005, uses these same techniques, but implements 24 location recordings resulting in a production using about 300 tracks.

  • Année: 2004
  • Matériel utilisé: Mac G4
  • Logiciel utilisé: Pro Tools LE - 001
  • Durée de l’œuvre soumise: 4:38
  • Réalisation: Qube Assemblage Centre for Art Tapes

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