transFORM or Zuang for 4 Thomas Gerwin

This piece was made entirely of the voice of actor Florian Müller- Mohrungen. 1001 variations of a short text from Zuangzi, the Taoist Book of Wisdom were recorded. The composer then processed this material in the studio in many analog and digital ways. The 4-channel version of the piece was commissioned and broadcast in 2002 by SFB/ ORB radio station in Berlin, Germany. Channels 1–2 came from the radio and channels 3–4 from the internet. Each listener who owned a radio AND a computer with an internet connection could listen to the piece with quadrophonic sound.

  • Year of composition: 2006
  • Duration of the submitted work: 40:15
  • Production: SFB / ORB

Linked project

Also part of Deep Wireless 4 (New Adventures in Sound Art).

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