In the Shadow of the Sound, Searching… Sammy Chien

From silence to light, darkness to sound, the imaginative listening transforms mimetic sounds into our creative projection that lies within our mind. In the shadow there is space for the light. This space is the imagination of our ears, as well as our acceptance to different cultures. While modern society may attempt to reify and structuralize our perception and values, it may be time for us to sublimate our senses beyond these paradoxical surfaces. Beyond mere materials and mere texts, we may be able to find a distant voice to sound that flourishes with genuine emotions and visceral spirits.

Additional English translation for the text in the piece:

“Rain, Flame, Light, Somber, Mirage, Timbre…

I am surrounded by them…
Ultimately they’ve solidified, fused together, and then sublimated
No longer it is flame, or is it water
Has it infiltrated me,
Or, perhaps,
I have dissolved into it.”

  • Year of composition: 2007
  • Duration of the submitted work: 7:51
  • Production: University

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