Nasal Beat Frank Koustrup

Nasal Beat mixes a relentless, industrial beat with gritty modulations, echoes, fades, and filtering. The beat is inspired by Detroit techno music and the variety of industrial and agricultural jobs that the composer performed as a young man. The layer of grit evokes poor reception of a distant radio broadcast. This is a reminder of the composer’s youthful and frustrated, pre-Internet attempts to hear and learn about new music while living in a small city that was just distant enough from larger centers to permit only static-distorted hints of a larger world. This is music that struggles violently to come out from your nose, but the congestion is too great.

Nasal Beat is “in-between” in many ways:
• Nasal Beat is in-between conception and completion. It is a self-contained, completed, sound object. It is also raw material for the composer or another artist, such as a disc jockey (DJ) or multimedia artist, to use as a rhythm track.
• Nasal Beat contrasts a clean, mechanical beat, and the urge to display professional production values, against a low-fidelity, punk attitude that craps all over such mechanical professionalism.
• The sources are electronic synthesizers — precise tools — that are modulated by other electronic tools to evoke the entropy of atmospheric interference and hint at the limitations of human-designed tools.
• Nasal Beat uses a steady beat as a nod to the regimentation of popular culture, but also as a trick to make the noises and distortions palatable.

  • Year of composition: 2007
  • Duration of the submitted work: 5:25
  • Production: Home

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