Echoes of Home: All the Way from Ireland Sylvia Murphy [sylvi macCormac]

a portrait of a family with voices (spoken and sung), music, cat purring, clock ticking & train sounds

With the voices of
Aunt Winnie MacCormac (hello)
Captain William Harney (goodbye)
Stella (nee Robinson) MacCormac Murphy
(lovely garden & singing)
Sylvia (nee macCormack) Murphy
John James Murphy
Uncle Tony Murphy
Auntie Patricia (nee Harney) Martin
Carl, Michèle, Philip & Melanie Murphy
sylvi (macCormac) Murphy
Soula (purring) and her Bell,
Clock Ticking

Songs & Music
Stella talking humming whistling in Audio-Post while recording Radio Television Éirrean airing
Coffee Song (they’ve got an awful lot of coffee in Brazil)
Tony sings Two Eyes of Blue
Sylvia (mum) sings Little Sir Echo, My Curly Headed Baby
Michèle (sis), John (dad), Tony (uncle)
sing My Grandfather’s Clock
sylvi’s i thought i saw you again (phoenix CD)
railway lines: trains of thought (“voices & wheels” CD)

Source: 2009

  • Year of composition: 2000
  • Genre: Soundscape
  • Hardware used: Macintosh G3 & G4 Sony DAT TCD-D8 Sony Mic ECM-MS907 Cassette Tape Tascam TM-D1000
  • Software used: Pro Tools Peak
  • Duration of the submitted work: 18:37
  • Production: see through studios
  • Disc publication: on Raven Shadows CD (2006) see through publishing (independent)

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