Floating on Clouds Like Gelatin Eric Powell

Floating… is an acousmatique piece. There should be no fear or loathing of boredom in contemporary or electroacoustic music. The audience should feel free to allow their minds to drift and wander to wherever the sensations they are experiencing take them. To feel the need to contextualize and cognitively process, dissect and examine every part of the experience removes the Magic from the Art, leaving only a pale, academically massacred representamen. If anyone experiences a need to have their mental wanderings directed, dwell upon the non-linear nature of Time. I believe that all moments in the past, future, and the ‘Now’ exist in a single, all-encompassing ‘Now’. This ‘Now’ contains all possible pasts and futures. We impose an artificial, metered conception of time upon this singular ‘Now’ as a navigational tool. Floating on Clouds like Gelatin exists in this non-linear temporal plane with overlapping sound fields extending, twisting, and undulating within and without their accompanying fields far into the linear past and future. Above all – Relax. Sink into the sound, and allow thought to float freely.

  • Year of composition: 2007
  • Genre: Sonic art
  • Duration of the submitted work: 9:36

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