Sonic Panorama #2: Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver, BC, 9 October 2007 Tara Rodgers [Analog Tara]

Six photographs forming a panoramic view of the park were taken with a mobile phone and imported into a computer. Image size is reduced to 20 pixels wide. Color information captures the light, weather, architecture, and vibrancy of the city; data from each pixel is converted into sound in SuperCollider. Sounds are distributed among four speakers to correspond with locations in the panoramic view. This is a stereo mix, translating the six photos from left to right. Revisiting the site of Hildegard Westerkamp and Andra McCartney’s soundwalk of Queen Elizabeth Park ten years earlier, this piece takes a different approach by using color data as source material for music and for evocation of a place and time.

  • Year of composition: 2007
  • Genre: Audio art
  • Hardware used: Mobile phone; laptop
  • Software used: SuperCollider
  • Duration of the submitted work: 4:32

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