Tensho Yota Kobayashi

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Tensho is written for electroacoustic tape and flute. “Tensh” is a Japanese word meaning roughly “rebirth through regression.” This piece in many ways represents the desire to return to the ultimate solitude and serenity of the mother’s womb. The work begins with the most basic, primordial sound of the in-utero state: the beating heart. From there, the flute acts as an acoustic guide through the varied electronic soundscapes, and at one point is even propelled by forces beyond its control (accentuated by sounds of urban transit and train whistles). The final stage of the flute’s journey sees a rejection of chaos, and a return to the sanctuary of the womb, recapitulating a soundworld of beating hearts and gentle breathing.

Source: JTTP 2008

  • Année: 2008
  • Genre: Paysage sonore
  • Logiciel utilisé: Cubase, Wavelab, Reaktor, and the software developed by the composer using Max/MSP, such as granular synthesizer, spectral delay, Karplus-Strong resonator.
  • Durée de l’œuvre soumise: 11:18
  • Réalisation: Home

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