The Velvet Hammers, Portraits of lawyers, in memory of Harry Adelberg Vivian Adelberg Rudow

The Velvet Hammers, or Portraits Of Lawyer, in memory of Harry Adelberg, (Founder) is an art music documentary about lawyers. Mostly from 1989–90, Adelberg Rudow interviewed lawyers ranging from native American to divorce lawyers, talking about being lawyers and clients talking about their lawyers. After greatly editing those thoughts, the composer added her music designed to lead the listener into and out of the sections and help enhance the feelings discussed by the person. The work was completed in 2004.

All of the music is composed by Vivian except for the Latin keyboard rhythms in Cuban Lawyer, Juan Blanco, played under her direction by Sherif Shaalan, some of which she transformed.

This tribute to lawyers, has grown into a thirty seven minute, forty eight second, set of varied sound portraits which portray the work and emotions of a wide range of lawyers practicing law who often expressed the desire to help people.

The following is an outline: Introduction-Founder, Parade Of Lawyers, Help People, Exciting, Respected, Right Wrongs, Scholarship, Panic, Chaos, Adrenaline, Family, Rationalizing, Reasoning, Strategizing, Crisis, War Games,Telephone! Hired Gun, Chickens, Actor, Community Service, Divorce, Young Lawyer, Drone, Artist, Litigater Stress, Managing Partner, Barter System, Legal Aid, Lose Child, Native American Lawyer, Out West, Cuban Lawyer, Billable Hours, Recapitulation.

Source: CEC / Concordia Archival Project (CAP), 2008

  • Year of composition: 1982
  • Genre: Audio art
  • Hardware used: Mac Computer E-mu Proteus 1 XR, Yamaha DX7, TX7 Roland XP 30 Yamaha Mixing Console model MR 1642 Sansui 4 channel receiver QR-6500 Motu Midi express XT Mark of Unicorn Motu 2408 audio
  • Software used: Digital performer
  • Duration of the submitted work: 37:46
  • Production: Home
  • Disc publication: The third movement from the end, Cuban Lawyer, Juan Blanco is on Electroshock Presents, Electroacoustic Music Volume IX, Artemiy Artemiev, producer, Moscow, Russia; Cuban Lawyer, Juan Blanco, Theme/Piece, excerpt from The Velvet Hammers, Portraits Of Lawyers. I keep rights

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