Cuban Lawyer, Juan Blanco, Variation 11: Kennedy Center Combination of Variations Vivian Adelberg Rudow

Cuban Lawyer, Juan Blanco, Variation 11: Kennedy Center Combination of Variations, is a combination of the variations plus added music from the Theme or music from which the music was derived, and has been performed live by the composer using small hand held remote controllers starting and stopping her music from four multi tracked CDs played through four portable CD players placed on music stands around the stage in Baltimore, Maryland, 2000; Havana, Cuba, 2000; SEAMUS festival, 2001 and at the Kennedy Center, millennium stage, during a Sonic Circuits Festival, August, 2001.

Variation 11 form:

a. Prelude (Sound check)
b. Music with accompaniment
c. Postlude. 6:41

The composer wanted a controller that would give her interaction for electroacoustic music that was light weight, easy to carry, inexpensive, where the controlling person could move around in wide spaced freedom and still maintain high quality of sound and creativity. Thus, she conceived the idea of amassing sounds of her music on home made multiple track CD’s and playing various sections selectively or simultaneously by conducting (activating and deactivating) small CD players Live, by pressing buttons on very small hand held remote controllers. This process requires extreme concentration and precise finger movement, as changing the tracks is precarious in the extremely small space in a hand. This process has exciting expansion possibilities for dance groups and installations.

  • Year of composition: 2001
  • Genre: Audio art
  • Hardware used: Mac Computer Yamaha Mixing Console model MR 1642 Sansui 4 channel receiver QR-6500 Motu Midi express XT Roland XP 30 Mark of Unicorn Motu 2408 audio Sansui 4 channel receiver QR-6500 Yamaha Mixing Console model MR 1642
  • Software used: Digital Performer
  • Duration of the submitted work: 6:41
  • Production: Home

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