Second Life Vincent Bergeron

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Il s’agit d’une chanson marquant un nouveau tournant pour ma chanson électroacoustique. Au départ, je voulais traiter du phénomène Second Life ( qui me fait sentir un peu inquiet à propos des nouvelles technologies, peut-être pour la première fois de ma vie. Paroles, écrites par le compositeur Vincent Bergeron et corrigées et améliorées en temps et lieu par Viveka Eriksson.

It was for a previous era
A previous trace

A previous trace
2) I could take the same
In silence

Turn down a contract not written in the norms
You lose your habits in a second life
What’s more troubling? / Two
Losing my faith
A fear of love / Only in Second Life
Might save him

Focusing on focus groups your wife wanders
His kindness suits him
A change of mind to be analyzed
Important steps to be skipped
What’s important?
Losing your faith only in..Second Life / “I did not evolve physically the way my brain did.” / When was today?
When everything fake / A fear of love might save him

What’s more troubling? / Did not appear at the right moment
I almost lost the right trace
An engagement not so clear..
A doubt in his face and an evolution in front
No place for another kind, his kindness suits him / I could persuade him tonight
A change of mind to be analyzed
Important steps were skipped
Not to be compared to anything else

You were into it for a while…

A doubt in his face
A change of mind to be analyzed / It could not happen any other way
When was today..
Think of it / It was enough for today / He was into it for a while
He thought to himself when was today / What’s more troubling? / I meant it as a gift
I could persuade him tonight / It was for a previous era
Think of it (x2)
I meant it as a gift!

Source: 2009

  • Year of composition: 2009
  • Genre: Electronica
  • Hardware used: Reaktor .ens - Micro condensateur de Viveka Eriksson - Bon vieux micro Omnibus (même technologie que le Shure de concerts live) de Vincent Bergeron.
  • Software used: Reaktor, Sonic Foundry (Acid, Sound Forge), Wavelab (.vst plug-ins)
  • Duration of the submitted work: 3:50
  • Production: Home

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