The Maharajah’s Last Hurrah Al Thumm [Al]

After creating The Maharajah’s Soul Mirage, the pre-cursor to this piece, a more fertile sound began to unfold itself. Where Soul Mirage appears as a temple rendered in earthy tones and a dense and beautifully complex ornamented architecture, Last Hurrah is a soft, ripe fruit falling open and pouring forth a liquid landscape. Its mystical simplicity glows in irreverently neon greens, golds, blues, and purples. The rhythms surge and ripple, morphing between wood, water, stone, sky, and electricity. Soulful voices chorus and entice, bringing a face to the surreal landscape, bringing it to earth - letting it pour through its own expanding eyes, crying to you that ‘You know, and you know’, like a beautiful bird bursting through a paper tree turning into a million tiny bulbs of light, as artificial as the falling sun. Searing timbrel coronas glisten over microcosmic parallax shifting horizons.
Momentarily deeper, the winds rarefy to purple, and hover. A heartless texture rains through a gentle voice, asking ‘Is all this possible?’ and a vague familiar rocky sky fiercely drives the answer home – glorious, writhing, and dirty.
Neon strands of Erik Satie and The Books, falling up into deeper planes, curling around Planet Caravan by Black Sabbath, dressed up like an illustrated storybook version of Salomao by the Dave Pike Set, and finally fed through the waterwheel of Barry Adamson’s Le Matin Des Noire.
An empty victory some might say – The Maharajah’s Last Hurrah!

Source: 2010

  • Year of composition: 2009
  • Genre: Other
  • Format: Live recording
  • Software used: Ableton Live, Logic
  • Duration of the submitted work: 5:05
  • Production: Home

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