Commingle Shi Ying Chen [SY]

“Commingle” was composed in May 2010. As the name of the piece, “Commingle” used four different types of materials to compose. The piece is clearly divided into three parts and materials were gradually introduced into the piece. Drum cymbals, violin, coins and water are the materials I recorded for “Commingle”. The piece introduced by cymbals and violin. Middle section is more focused on coins and water sound to create tension to the piece. “Commingle” ends with a combination of different materials. Materials has been fragmented and altered to fit into the arrangement easily. “Commingle” is a piece which different materials combined rather than transform from one material to another.

Source: 2010

  • Year of composition: 2010
  • Software used: Logic 8
  • Duration of the submitted work: 5:14
  • Production: Home & University

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