terra subfónica Daniel Blinkhorn

  • Year of composition: 2010
  • Duration of the submitted work: 50:00
  • Production: home, ABC Studio

relatively loud tones

Beeps, chimes, electronic chirps… Auditory signifiers of relative shapes and lengths, designed to communicate a vast array of meanings. So vast an array of meanings in fact that these sounds seem to blend into the background, only occasionally reaching through to us.

This work attempts to bring to the foreground some of these auditory icons, from summons to prayer to evacuation alarms. In doing so it intimates a certain desensitisation to the meanings behind these otherwise relatively loud tones, as we fail to take heed of their message, almost as though the more we hear then, the more peripheral they become. Even if the icons sometimes signify danger.

The miniature was created using recordings on a soundwalk in a ship as it was forced to evacuate passengers and crew. Additional sounds were captured on a sea port soundwalk in Trinidad.

  • Duration of the submitted work: 3:45

toy bagatelle - i

Whilst not entirely below the threshold of perception (or even out of earshot more often than not!) the sounds generated by children playing are often pushed to the periphery of our attention. The sounds accompanying the toys as children play however, are intimately bound to the child’s imagination as they tumble, roll, giggle and rumble through a playscape. ‘toy bagatelle — i’ is the first of two miniatures capturing some of the peripheral activities of children playing, and uses the name bagatelle in both its incarnations; Firstly, to portray a light, playful music work, and secondly the piece uses some of the sounds recorded when playing the game of bagatelle. *(DJing/ beats provided by Olivier Zeller)

  • Duration of the submitted work: 3:38

Linked project

Also part of Deep Wireless 8 (New Adventures in Sound Art).

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