a tender & violent duet Lia Pas

This piece was composed for Free Flow Dance Theatre’s choreographic interpretation of the following instructional score:

. two performers . they move each other’s bodies . they move each other’s organs . stroking . pressing . touching . tapping . hitting, tapping and pressing so the breath is exhaled . stroking and touching so the breath is inhaled . the sounds are skin on skin . breath inhaled . breath exhaled . the sounds are rhythmic . the sounds are cadenced . the sounds are melodies of air .

All the sounds for this piece are the breath sounds of the dancers and myself, edited in terms of time and composition but not electronically changed in any other way.

  • Year of composition: 2011
  • Genre: Electroacoustics
  • Format: Fixed media
  • Hardware used: Sennheiser evolution microphone, Roland UA-4FX USB Audio Capture box, MacBook.
  • Software used: Garage Band
  • Duration of the submitted work: 10:01
  • Production: Home

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