Fuzzy Dice Donald J. Funes

  • Fuzzy Dice (1974) Crane School of Music Live Electronic Music Ensemble: saxophone: Bob Moore (first solo), Michael Saarie (second solo), Steve Greenfield, Gary Smulyan, and Bob Seligson; flute: Hank Welnicki, Donald Funes, Ellen Shifrin, and Liz Toleno; trombone: Richard Boz and Kristian Truelsen; bassoon: David Katz; oboe: Steve Owen; tuba: Doug Weber; strings: Debra Terelli and Steve ?; keyboards: Steven Bach, Mitchel Forman, Bob Gluck, and Mark Haag; electric guitar: Phil Moylan; electric bass: David Maswick and Mark Haag; voice and percussion: Joshua Worby; vibraphone: Ray Bennett; drums: Frosty; and others.

A conducted structured improvisation by the Crane School of Music Live Electronic Music Ensemble (live performance at the Crane School of Music’s Helen Hosmer Hall).

  • Year of composition: 1974
  • Genre: Live electronics
  • Format: Live recording
  • Hardware used: Electronic synthesizers including a Mini-Moog, Arp 2600, and Synthi 100
  • Duration of the submitted work: 10:32

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