HovaKix Evan McIntyre [Bay Radbury]

I’m calling my piece HOVAKICKS, because I used three different sample sources, one was a Kick drum sample, the other two were Jay Z acapellas. The first sample that appears is a kick drum sample. I stretched it out, and then reversed it to get that sound. To manipulate the sound, I used a variety of effects, including: Frequency Shifter, a filter, a filter/delay combination, corpus (a really cool ableton effect that adds/embellishes more natural/harmonic tones) vinyl distortion, and reverb. At about 1:15 my two other samples come in, both Jay z acapellas. The first one that sounds like an engine revving was by looping a really short vocal bit and then running it through a frequency shifter and a filter. The crashing water-ish sound is also a Jay-Z sample, which i put through a Dynamic Tube, Erosion, A bitcrusher, and EQ to take off a bit of the agressive high end sounds, a vocoder and reverb. The moaning sound is Jay Z going “woo” stretched out and put through a variety of effects. One thing I did, though was add a sidechain compressor on it with the kick sample, and automated the gain to go up slowly. This made it so that, over time the kick became more and more present, “breaking through” the moaning sound. With the Kick Sample at about 1:35, I began cutting in, out and boosting EQ levels to get a kind of sound melody.

Source: 2012

  • Software used: Ableton Live
  • Duration of the submitted work: 2:30

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