From a Meteor Michael Young

This composition was intended to use the typical structure of the construction of a story arc to convey the moods and emotions of a protagonist on an adventure. The material used to realize this work was primarily mouth based sounds with some breathing, hand rubbing, and footsteps. I worked with audio recorded in a 96000 Hz sampling rate because I knew that in this piece I would be pitching sounds down more than three octaves. Some of the mouth sounds included pops, vocal fry, and sounds common to beat boxing. I wanted to use mouth sounds so as to keep with the theme of a story being told. Just as stories in audio from are spoken, this piece used extracted and processed sound objects recorded from the mouth. The structure of the composition consists of five through composed parts, each corresponding to a stage in the structure of a story being: introduction, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. I was inspired by the use of binaural beats in the use of dream therapy and I incorporated this in to the piece. To accent and embellish the focal point of each part I used a pair of sine waves on either side to create an oscillation. The oscillation in the first half of the piece is eight cycles per second. The reason why I chose this is because these waves have been shown to aid in producing a dream state when administered to a sleeping person. In the latter half of the piece a slower two-cycle oscillation is used which corresponds to deep dreamless sleep. These low sounds add presence to their corresponding sections. Some intentional clipping and distortion effects were applied to some sounds using the bit crusher plug-in.

  • Year of composition: 2014
  • Hardware used: Zoom H2n Recorder Macintosh computer
  • Software used: Logic Pro X Amadeus Pro
  • Duration of the submitted work: 5:22

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