The Movement of the Mass Ofer Pelz

In this work, all the sounds are recorded from acoustic instruments. The music played by the instruments is partly improvised and partly written. The recordings were treated by electronic manipulations, and superposed layer above layer to create an important sound mass. I wanted the perception of the auditor to move from line (of instrument) to another, and to the whole sound mass in a free manner. By the double meaning of the title, I intend to give a general social and political critique of the individual facing the movement of the mass.

Source: 2014

  • Year of composition: 2010
  • Genre: Electroacoustics
  • Format: Fixed media
  • Hardware used: Mac, Digidesign
  • Software used: Protools
  • Duration of the submitted work: 7:15
  • Production: Conservatoire de Pantin (France)

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