Rudimentary Particles Dylan Gouze [DLN]

“Rudimentary Particles” is a composition intended for five speakers, who’s only sound source comes from the Doepfer Analogue Modular Synthesizer. It contains three sections: Storm (0:00-1:32), Spectral glow (1:32-3:32) and Dance (3:32-4:32). It embodies 101 different sound samples, with each section containing sounds that aren’t repeated in other sections. The composition was put together using an audio editor, and sequencer. There is much volume and panning automation, but very little use of effect plug-ins (reverb and delay only). The narrative embodies a journey through a storm of dark matter. This phenomenon is the cause of never-before heard sounds. By the end of the first piece, we have traveled to the eye of the Storm where the built-up sounds comes to an abrupt stop before the storm explodes. The showering dark matter manifesting itself into solid and non-solid objects causes for strange sound responses as it falls onto different textures. The falling pieces create a Spectral Glow, which also cause for new sounds to emerge. As the dust settles and the air is left with an “electromagnetic mist,” the dark matter reacts to consciousness and begins to take the form or rhythm. It begins to respond to calculation, self observation, and self awareness. It begins to Dance.

Source: 2015

  • Year of composition: 2015
  • Duration of the submitted work: 4:33

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