Landscapes No.3 (Moving Scenery) Colin Frank

The landscape surrounds you. You travel amongst motionless obelisks: sleek and shining statues, metal and concrete spires. A spec upon the expanses. As time elapses your trip brings you through new territories. The shapes along the horizon evolve and seem opaquely familiar: have you passed here before or was that in a forgotten dream? You keep moving through the scenery, observing, as the light fades.

  • Year of composition: 2015
  • Genre: Live electronics
  • Format: Live recording
  • Hardware used: Two - Four AKG condenser microphones MAC OSX running at least 10.7.5 TC Near Studio Konnekt 48 audio interface Logidy UMI3 foot trigger
  • Software used: MAX/MSP 6.1.8 with CLEF (CIRMMT Live Electronics Framework)1.0.6 Logic 9 Audiosculpt Peak Pro Graincore 1.7
  • Duration of the submitted work: 11:00
  • Production: University


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