Boliophone! Dave Ross

The Boilophone contains the prototype of an original circuit called ‘Otrillodyne’ designed and built by Joe Paint ( The plastic kettle houses 3 Oscillators which are played/controlled using 2 light sensors (at the front of the kettle on either side), and 2 metal Touchplates made from cans (at the top). The sounds are the result of the combined output of 3 Oscillators signal heterodyning, influenced by play between the light sensors and the touchplates.

The piece was performed and recorded as a live performance with no editing and no computer involved at any stage. Whilst performing, there was simultaneous live processing.

The signal chain was as follows:

Boilophone, - Volume Pedal, -Moogerfooger Low Pass Filter w/Expression Pedal, -Line 6 Delay Pedal, and finally a Moogerfooger ‘Murf’ w/Expression Pedal.

  • Year of composition: 2014
  • Hardware used: Boliophone, Moogerfooger Murf/LPF, Line 6 Echo Park, Exp-Pedal
  • Duration of the submitted work: 12:36
  • Production: Home

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