omnicité(léth@rgie) Vincent Fillion

“omnicité(léth@rgie)” is a reflection on the ubiquity of advertising and how it manipulates us and influences our lives. It metaphorically tells the daily life of an employee of a printing plant escaping in his daydreams. Surrounded by the words, he’s silent. He lives in the lethargy of adult life. Between printers and typewriters, sweet dreams and harsh realities, the violent repetition of singing machines plunges the listener into a trance that is hard to escape. Composed of three short movements with decidedly rhythmic and noisy aesthetics, “omnicité(léth@rgie)” is part of a series being created in 2016.

Source: 2016

  • Year of composition: 2016
  • Genre: Electroacoustics
  • Format: Fixed media
  • Hardware used: Une vieille machine à écrire. Une vieille imprimante laser. Les micros SHURE SM-57 et un RODE NT1A. Un synthé NOVATION BASS STATION II et divers pédales d’effets pour guitare. Un iPad muni du synthé Shoom et du granulateur iDensity.
  • Software used: Reaper
  • Duration of the submitted work: 5:40
  • Production: Home

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