Suspended Mirrors Mathieu Lacroix

Suspended Mirrors was written for Veronica Isabelle Stubberud’s bachelor examination at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Aarhus. The piece is based on the ideas of suspension as well as mirrors structurally, harmonically, technically as well as in the electronics. The piece explores how suspensions, reflections and space react between each other. The piece was written for an 8-channel ambisonics setup that surrounds the audience while the performer is at the front.

Source: 2017

  • Year of composition: 2015
  • Genre: Live electronics
  • Format: Live recording
  • Hardware used: DPA4099 Focusite Saffire Pro 40 Laptop (Macbook Pro from 2011)
  • Software used: For the creation: MaxMSP v.7 SPAT ANTESCOFO For the mixing: Reaper Flux Audio Epure Flux Audio Solera
  • Duration of the submitted work: 20:59
  • Production: University

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