Limerick Charles-André Leroux [[Bizbille]]

An atheist’s outlook is sunny
’Cause so much of life can be funny
Without a hereafter
We cherish each laughter
And every moment tastes of honey Born from metal pieces
We find that no prayer eases
Our rusty wounds and sorrows
Like the thought of better tomorrows
and their boundless possibilities Indeed our hopes belong to the Earth
Since it’s the only realm of our mirth
We worship no statues or saviours
We chant for no one’s glory but ours
No second chance, no rebirth That is why we must devour
Every passing seconds, minutes, hours
Each downpours, sunsets, moonrises
As for the flowing present hypnotizes
Dazzling like ephemeral meteor showers As you must not inspect the sky
If for some knowledge, you’re looking to scry
But hear our iconoclasts’ voices
Echoing with the liberty of our choices
Sharing the truth about the Wi-Fi

Source: 2017

  • Year of composition: 2017
  • Hardware used: Voix de synthése
  • Software used: AbletonLive, Chipspeech
  • Duration of the submitted work: 7:56

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