Québécoiseries Vincent Fillion

Nostalgia as a source material;
Sampling as a technique;
Treatment as a coating;
To “do something new with old stuff”…

Born of a desire to explore the sounds of Quebecois culture, this piece grew out of it to escape to lands that were unknown to me. While softly slipping between my fingers, she tried to assert herself far from the basic idea that I had for her. Like an older teenager she’s a bit unstable; she constantly wants to explore and is sometimes charming; and only asks that we take the time to try to understand her spirit.

Source: 2018

  • Year of composition: 2018
  • Genre: Acousmatics
  • Format: Fixed media
  • Hardware used: Échantillonnage
  • Software used: Reaper
  • Duration of the submitted work: 9:15
  • Publisher: Vincent Fillion
  • Production: Vincent Fillion
  • Premiere: April 26, 2018, Festival Ultrasons, Université de Montréal

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