Continuum Christophe Daigle [Blkk Bones]

Continuum was created through the use of various synthesizers and sound manipulations techniques. The main focus of the track is constant throughout the piece but still brings the listener to different places. The piece blends electronic beats, ambient textures and soundscapes, acid rhythms and randomized arpeggios. The title of the piece, Continuum, sorts of hints at what the music is about. This is a very synth heavy, ambient and dream-like soundscape that one may find kind of soothing. The underlined movements of the piece are long dreamscapes of a forgotten world filled with pulsating sequences and forever evolving pads, which is all sitting right underneath intense, steady rhythms.

Source: 2019

  • Year of composition: 2019
  • Genre: Electronic
  • Format: Fixed media
  • Hardware used: Prophet 08 synthesizer by Dave Smith, Subsequent 37 synthesizer by Moog, DFAM synthesizer by Moog, MS20 synthesizer by Korg, TG-500 synthesizer by Yamaha, Dark Time sequencer by Doepfer, Bass Station synthesizer by Novation, S-770 sampler by Roland, A3000 sampler by Yamaha, Pro VLA II Compressor by ART.
  • Software used: Logic Pro X, FabFilter Plugins, Softube Plugins.
  • Duration of the submitted work: 6:00
  • Publisher: BLKKWAVE Records
  • Production: BLKKWAVE Studios
  • Premiere: April 4, 2019

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