Hysterical Rebite Amplication David Westling

Every well-appointed home should reflect the good taste and refinement of its owner. Why use Naugahyde when only leather will do? One could just summarily dispose of the crafty wares of, for example, the Tehuanas of souther Mexico in favor of the product of a good Iranian loom. Carefully wiping the parquet flooring with the help helps immensely, but in the final analysis, the concentration camp is really the only solution. Most important to the proper ambience of the home is its lighting. As soon as LED technology attains the standard of the incandescent light bulb in all pertinent respects, a state of affairs which after all is only a few years away, our cherished flesh tones will have been rescued from oblivion, and gracious living can resume its dominance on the world stage. Until then, we must make do with what is available, consistent with the standards of efficient energy consumption. As such, many viable options present themselves. Envision an eerie green or electric violet, for example, as applied to the guide photograph on our cover, to get an idea of the myriad possibilities. In no time the careful designer will arrive at a style and functionality which would please even the most pathological personality types.

Source: 2019

  • Year of composition: 2015
  • Hardware used: Doepfer/Analogue Solutions eurorack synthesizer
  • Duration of the submitted work: 7:12

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