Fernando Michael Lukaszuk

Fernando is a suite of electroacoustic miniatures for classical guitar and stereo fixed media. The piece is explores the manner in which electroacoustic music can converse with and contextualize older music. In this case, I took studies by the Classical era guitar composer Fernando Sor. These works do not simply provide a sort of electronic accompaniment. It’s an effort to compose with and “out” of Sor’s music. The suite consists of the following movements:

1. Particles (Study in A, op. 6, no. 6)
2. Cloud (Study in D, op. 35, no. 17)
3. Concertare (Study in F, op. 31, no. 21)
4. Window (op. 35, no. 22)
5. Pulse (Study in C, op. 35, no. 13)
6. Freeze (Study in Em, op. 6, no. 11)

Source: 2020

  • Year of composition: 2020
  • Genre: Mixed
  • Format: Mixed work
  • Instrumentation: Classical Guitar
  • Software used: SuperCollider language, Native Instruments Komplete, Logic Pro X
  • Duration of the submitted work: 10:55

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