Wóz no. 10 Jeremie Jones

An acousmatic work exploring an imaginary trip between Bialystok and Krakow. It’s night-time. Subdued light in the train, car number 10. Full speed through the misty Polish countryside. The silence amongst the passengers is filled with the crackling and rumbling of this old car, dating from the communist era. Wóz no. 10 explores the transitions between the different significant moments of our lives, between sounds, their morphologies and their poetic affects. The notion of space, of different plans and time were part of my considerations. The central part contrasts with its more stripped character and acts as a moment of stability. We then return to the agitation and accumulation of the final section.

Source: 2020

  • Year of composition: 2017
  • Genre: Acousmatics
  • Format: Fixed media
  • Software used: Protools
  • Duration of the submitted work: 6:01
  • Premiere: 2017, UdeM

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