Habits of 0&1 Hoyong Lee

The twentieth century gave us to ability to dislocate sounds in time as well as in space. Especially invention of digital processing skills facilitated ‘Schizophonia’ which means separation between an original sound and its electroacoustical reproduction named by R.Murray Schaffer. In this context, this piece ‘Habits of 0&1’ reflects the Schizophonia in order to represent the invisible digital relationship including conversations in our isolated daily life. By means of delay feedback and panning effect, tiny grains of sound components describes the auditory realization of fragmentary ‘communications’ with conversations which are separated and disconnected each other easily, like ‘0 and 1(off & on)’. Its basic idea was inspired by Georges Aperghis’s piece “Retrouvailles” which contains various metaphors for communication through the two men’s body action and voice performance. This work reminded me of ‘pingpong’ game between two people with small talk and jokes. Depending on development of pingpong ball sound transformation, this piece has narrative arcs which are linked in a mixed form of fragmented components and played with the ground voice modulated by using Audiosculpt. In the process of finding ‘breakthrough’ of conversations, the first and the last parts of this piece form symmetrical structure with respect to stationery sounds.

Source: 2020

  • Year of composition: 2015
  • Genre: Acousmatics
  • Format: Fixed media
  • Hardware used: Zoom H5 Handy Recorder, Macbook Pro
  • Software used: Pro Tools
  • Duration of the submitted work: 8:29
  • Awards received: Award of Distinction at Matera Intermedia Festival 2016 (MA/IN Festival,Italy)
  • Premiere: September 26, 2015, The Center for Experimental Music and Intermedia (CEMI) in the College of Music at the University of North Texas, International Computer Music Conference 2015 (ICMC) in Denton (Texas, USA)

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