Nova Combine Combine John Wiggins

2020 New Years Eve

Sound put in speakers — sound for speakers — sound coming out of the speakers trying to compel listeners to be involved. This is sound designed for your listening space — this recording is not a concert in Carnegie Hall reproduction, that’s different. This is “acousmatic sound design”. The origin of the sources and their gathering is part of the whole process, sounds is everywhere, it might be the most interesting part, extracting and building with those extractions.

The microphone ear. A homogeneous global art due to the homogeneous global fundamental — “sound”.

Sound’s Sparring Partner

Looking back I see I was always messing around and tangling up with sound and sound recording — the wires, the gear, better gear, more tracks, better sound, better tracks, more everything. In fact all my life I’ve been sound’s sparring partner. I taught it to punch and move and it kicked my ass regularly.

Ding — round two!

The piano perfected immediate connection between the emotions and expression. Techniques like Schoenberg’s for instance delayed that expression — much like early tape music. But now with ProTools and Logic that immediate connection time is approaching that of an instrument and so we are witnessing “acousmatic music” blooming everywhere.

By walking in nature and listening you awaken mental construction tools similar to visual construction tools about your environment. These auditory tools put you in touch with the structure and symmetry through resonance, mental resonance, of the vibrational range of “sound”, radiating information. This omni directional information, which we all agree on and you act on, has become sophisticated through evolution to ensure our survival. The more non-verbal and direct information comes to us this way, the higher regard we have for it. Hearing is not merely an error correction back up system for your eyes.

Source: 2021

  • Year of composition: 2021
  • Genre: Acousmatics
  • Format: Fixed media
  • Hardware used: ProTools HDX
  • Software used: ProTools 10
  • Duration of the submitted work: 1:21

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