Forays into Expansive Terrain Colin Frank

The album Sounding the Weight of an Object, an Impulsive Habitat release, was recorded in outdoor locations across Eastern Canada (Ottawa, Montréal and Wingham) and Huddersfield. At each location, I performed on found or brought objects to intervene with the location’s soundscape. Environmental sounds blend with those that I created, questioning who is playing whom — do I play the environment, or does it play me? Each performance is entangled with the site’s materiality, mixing myself with microphones, structures, vegetation, animals and weather conditions. In Forays into Expansive Terrains, I performed alongside a machine behind a university technology building; a salted walkway in downtown Montréal; power generators, crickets and gusting winds after the 2018 Ottawa tornado; a bicycle journey through a forest nearby a construction site; and a metal staircase beside a canal. The recording presents how I experienced these places — spatially, materially and as vibrantly alive locations.

Source: 2021

  • Year of composition: 2020
  • Genre: Soundscape
  • Format: Fixed media
  • Duration of the submitted work: 20:06
  • Publisher: Impulsive Habitat
  • Disc publication: Sounding the Weight of an Object

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