Grani Maurizio Alfonsi

My compositions for live electronics based on improvisation include a creation-writing phase where all the elements that make up the performance are defined: the idea, the instruments, the score. The performer uses as a support for the improvisation a schematic score of a formal-structural type, on which the various instrumental scenes are reported (on a scheme that follows a temporal order). Each instrumental-scene (characterized by its own sound-scene) is in turn made up of two or more instruments (each instrument consists of a sound creation and processing algorithm and a hardware controller that drives it) that generate sounds and events sounds with which the sonorous-musical discourse is created and carried forward. The performer therefore, taking into account the sound characteristics of each instrumental scene and the title that contains the idea (and the basic concepts) of the composition, creates his performance which is renewed every time (see text below, where some elements that influence improvisation) while keeping some elements unchanged.

Source: 2021

  • Year of composition: 2020
  • Genre: Live electronics
  • Format: Fixed media
  • Instrumentation: Computer algorithms driven by a midi controller and a modular synthesizer
  • Hardware used: Computer, midi controller, modular synthesizer
  • Software used: MaxMsp. Reaktor
  • Duration of the submitted work: 8:21

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