Break Out Verena Hentschel

“Break Out” is an electroacoustic composition and audiovisual installation. Granular soundscapes are linked with broken and high-energy beats that shape the mystical character.

The composition is based on field recordings and is part of “Transformation — eine immersive Raumerfahrung in Bild und Ton für 8 Lautsprecher und 6 großformatige Leinwände” --> (“Transformation — an immersive room experience in sound and visuals for 8 speakers and 6 big sized canvas”).

There is a stereo video, too:

“Break Out” can be found in the album “Transformation” at Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, Bandcamp etc. -->

Source: 2022

  • Year of composition: 2021
  • Genre: Sound installation
  • Format: Fixed media
  • Duration of the submitted work: 5:42
  • Publisher: Verena Hentschel via RecordJet
  • Production: Verena Hentschel, Mastering: Skyline-Tonfabrik/Kai Blankenberg
  • Disc publication: Published on my album “Transformation” in 10/2021 and in EMDoku.lished on my EP “Isolation & Reveries” in 12/2021

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