Physics of Seduction. Invocation #3 Paul Dolden

This is one of my longer works for solo instrument and tape but it is quite easy to follow because of the ABA structure.

From the start A goes to 6’30” and returns at 15’30” to the end.

In-between each section there is a subdued solo cello part.

The work is part of the Walls cycle, and section B uses the intense Walls music in 1/8 tones. Section A, although still very wild, extensively explores the Just Intonation moments of the Walls Cycle.

For most people seeing the live cellist going wild on their instrument is a sheer physical and visual joy.

My strongest memories of the work were creating the tape part for Section A by using my Double bass and Cello. The studio recordings toke me months, in which most of my time was spent retuning the open strings, because I was extensively using their natural harmonics. After a week of that work you are willing to rip out the tuning pegs of your string instrument and replace them with the tuning keys from a modern electric guitar!

Richard Armin commissioned the work.

  • Year of composition: 1992
  • Format: Mixed work
  • Instrumentation: Cello or Viola or Violin and tape
  • Duration of the submitted work: 18:15


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